Fagaras History and Location

Brief History

The First document about the settlement from Fagaras dates back to year 1291. Traces of human life materials found in these parts are much older. The document of 1291, the first attestation of Fagaras was a record in which Ugrinus as a magistrate asked the king to return these lands to the Romanians, recognizing that the Romanians themselves had been in possession of the great feud. The document itself and the archaeological finds can certainly support the existence of the feudal settlement of Fagaras before 1291.

Along with land cultivation, animal husbandry and handicrafts prevalent throughout the peasant household, in the borough Fagaras developed specialized crafts and commerce. Craftsmen come to organize in guilds. The earliest document of a guild in Fagaras is dated as being from around 1590, when Mary Christierna gave privileges to the shoemaker’s guild. The Tanners Guild experienced the strongest growth, its products reaching fame and a large sale. The Tanners" Street still preserves the memory of this craft.


The city of Fagaras is located in the north-central part of the basin bounded by the Fagaras and Persani Mountains, and the Olt River flowing under the edge of south-eastern and southern plateau of the Tarnave. It is located on a terrace, relatively low, on the left bank of the Olt River, cutting the old riverbed of the river Berivoi flowing now in the west of the city.

With an absolute altitude ranging between 424 and 441 m, Fagaras is crossed east-west by National Road 1 and is located at a distance of 66 km. of Brasov and 76 km. and 76 km. of Sibiu.

The nearest localities are: the Mandra village in the east, and the village Beclean in the west. At a distance of 3-5 km southwards there are the villages of Râusor, Ileni and Hurez and in the north at 4.10 km.,the villages of Sona , Felmer, Soars and Calbor.

Attractions Fagaras


Biserica Sfantul Nicolae

Monumentul de arhitectura a fost ctitorit de Constantin Brancoveanu, fiind cel mai vechi lacas de cult din oras....
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Biserica Sfanta Treime

Constructia acestei biserici si a scolii de langa ea a inceput in anul 1782. Biserica a fost termina in anul 1783 ...
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Statuia lui Badea Cartan

Amplasata alaturi de Casa de Cultura, omagiaza pe foarte cunoscutul cioban calator din Cartisoara...
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Statuia Doamnei Stanca

A fost dezvelita in 1938, fiind construita de catre Spiridon Georgescu la initiativa lui Nicolae Iorga ...
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Bisericile Catolice si Evanghelice

Inca din secolul al XV-lea a existat in Fagaras o manastire cu biserca romano-catolica. In anul 1737 a fost ...
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Parcul Central si aleea din jurul Cetatii

In centru orasului exista un parc de dimensiuni mari amenajat pentru plimbare si admirat natura. Parcul constituie ...
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Atractii zona Fagarasului


Manastirea Brancoveanu

Fara indoiala cel mai important element al Tarii Fagarasului il constituie Manastirea Brancoveanu. ...
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Salba de Manastiri din zona Fagaras

Inca din evul mediu existau o serie de manastiri ortodoxe in aceasta zona ca simbol al romanismului ...
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Bisericile Sasesti Fortificate

Exista o serie de localitati ce au biserici sasesti fortificate, construite in Evul Mediu ...
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Cele sapte movile

Cunoscute de catre localnici drept "Guruiete", sunt sapte movile de pamant, asezate ...
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Poiana Narciselor

In satul Vad, comuna Sercaia se intinde rezervatia naturala "Poiana Narciselor" sau "Dumbrava Vadului"...
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Peisajul Minunat al Regiunii

Muntii inalti ce strajuiesc Fagarasul la sud, munti ce au zapada in varfurile lor ...
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